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P & B Residential Service Company is proud to be serving the greater Youngstown area including Mahoning and portions of Trumbull, Lawrence and Columbiana counties. P & B Residential Service Company should be your first choice when you’re looking for a new water heater. We have the knowledge, experience and inventory to install and service most major brands of water heaters sold today. That means get you hot water fast!

Water Heater Services And More

If you need Emergency Service or Water Heater Installation and Repair, call us now. If you wish to reduce your energy usage, we will thoroughly evaluate your needs and schedule the right equipment for your situation. P & B Residential Service Company is also a specialist in general plumbing repairs, such as sink, faucets, disposals, sump pumps, and more. Are you having a problem in one of these areas?  Are you just looking for an expert company in the future? We are the premier water heater repair and replacement company to help you out.

Efficiency Means Pricing

P & B Residential Service Company works hard at keeping our service costs for water heater, garbage disposal, and sump pumps (and the like) affordable.  We order in large volume to keep our freight expenses down.  Also, we get a better price on our products when we buy in larger quantities.  Our multi-location warehousing allows us to have the correct product you need quickly available.  Our trucks are stocked with the right equipment to solve most any service problem our people might run into once they are in your home.  If we have the correct parts, we can make the repair faster and more efficient for us, and better for you.  We solve the issue with one trip to your house.

Why do we try so hard to keep our cost down? It’s very simple. The more we can save, the lower our cost is; the more we can save you, the lower your price will be. P & B Residential Service Company does not have a trip fee, or a mileage charge.  Ask about our installation package pricing for any standard water heater replacement.  Our packages have a flat fee, regardless of how long the replacement takes. Call for a quote today.

Water Heater Price And Value Is Important

P & B Residential Service Company prefers American made products.  The way in which we have structured our business gives us the best pricing and the best values for you.  We do not carry contractor’s models of equipment, as commonly sold in a lumber yard or a discount house.  At first look, they might be cheaper, but are they really? Everyone has heard the saying “You get what you pay for.” Compare Apples–to– Apples in product and workmanship.  We have not been beat in price for years. With our water heater service, you will understand why we are the best.

What Makes Us Different From Other Water Heater Companies?

We Care About You

Your satisfaction is very important.  News travels fast.  We know that you will tell others if you are satisfied with our work.  “Word of Mouth” advertising is the best advertising. We will exceed your expectations in neatness, quality, and professionalism and we know you will tell friends and neighbors. That’s how we exist to install your water heater.

Quality Water Heaters and Products

P & B Residential Service Company carries a variety of products. You get more for your money, without paying for non-essential extras. We will help you make product decisions.


Our experts insist on quality work. Neat work, clean, no mess, quick, efficient. When the job is complete, we put our name on the product.  If our name is on it, we want to be proud of our work. The last thing our techs want is to have someone say “Who did that mess?”  When we finish a job, people do say “Who did that great installation?”

Scheduled Appointments

We realize that you are as busy as us.  We don’t like to waste time by waiting, and don’t expect you to either.  All appointments are scheduled in a 1 hour window so you won’t have to wait around the house all day for a service person to show up.  You too can plan your day. Call us today for your next water heater, garbage disposal or sump pump replacements.

We can be reached at 330-719-0754 and remember that “Hot Water is just a Phone Call away.”

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